Tahiti Episode

BD models are in Tahiti and Moorea diving deep-water airplane wrecks, playing in towering waterfalls and hanging with the world’s best surfers at the 2004 Billabong Pro Teahupoo event. BD goes to paradise for one of the best episodes yet. This just could be the most memorable Bikini Destinations so far with some of the best action and the most spectacular scenery. Tahiti and Moorea break out all the stops with sunsets that amazed even our seasoned crew, world-class surfing, and ocean diving of a wrecked WWII Catalina seaplane that has to be seen to be believed. This episode abounds with crystal clear waters and lush green tropical island foliage, cavernous valleys and towering jagged peaks. These models show off the latest bikini fashions on beaches, in lagoons, in thick bamboo grooves, under crashing waterfalls and at oceanfront resorts. Tahiti seen from above is an unforgettable adventure.